Month: June 2015


Are you aware that there is a 15-storey tower being planned for Venables at Commercial?

The proposed development goes from Adanac to Venables, between Commercial Drive and Commercial Divide (including Astorino’s, the Kettle, Ace of Suedes, and the pie-shaped City-owned lot to the north) with an 8-storey building on Venables and a 15-storey tower on Adanac.

15 storeys is massive!

The developer is proposing a 150-unit market condo tower!!

  • At an average of just two people per unit, that’s 300 new people.
  • This is not the “gentle” densification called for in the Citizens Assembly’s and City’s recommendations for Grandview.
  • If increased population is shared across the city, Grandview only needs to accommodate 227 new people per year over the next 30 years. We can do this without towers.
  • The proposed tower would be taller than and three times as massive as the Lions, denser than most West End buildings. (The Lions is 2.2 FSR and the proposed tower is 6.8!!)
  • In order to build a tower this dense, the developer intends to build right out to the property lines.
  • The building’s shadows will loom over blocks of our established low-rise homes and gardens.
  • There will be four storeys of underground parking, hundreds more cars, and more traffic on both Venables and Commercial.
  • Grandview will lose its sweeping grand view of the North Shore mountains from Commercial Drive.

We are told we must accept densification in the form of towers in our city, which leads to the destruction of our neighbourhoods.

Is this for the greater good?

  • The population projection for “Greater Vancouver” is for 1,000,000 new people over the next 30 years.
  • Vancouver itself will get only about 170,000 of those.
  • If you divide those by the 25 or so neighbourhoods in Vancouver, Grandview should only need to make room for 6,800 of them.
  • If you divide those by 30 years, we only need to make room for 227 people per year.
  • We can do that easily by relaxing the regulations on laneway houses, basement suites, coach houses, and infills and by approving sensitively-built, maximum four-storey row housing.
  • We do not NEED highrises.
  • We can acheive the density we need with four storeys and under. We can retain the look and feel of our “Edwardian Village,” the Grandview we love, in the process.
  • Copenhagen has twice the density of Vancouver, and almost all under five storeys.

Developers are motivated by profit. They do not care about our neighbourhoods.

The 15-storey highrise being proposed between Venables and Adanac on Commercial would be market, not “affordable”, housing.

That’s not what we need.