Concerns Over Development Warranted, Says Geller

a-portion-of-the-site-is-currently-occupied-by-this-two-storey-buildingRespected Vancouver architect and developer Michael Geller has come out in support of the No Tower Coalition’s position on the development of the corner at Commercial & Venables.  In an op-ed piece in the Courier, he writes:

“In this instance, I think we should listen to the opponents since the fact is a development of this size would never be approved if it contained just market condominiums … Once again … we have an example of ‘form following finance’ rather than appropriate community planning and design guidelines.”

In the same article, discussing the pro-tower force’s description of the opposition as NIMBYism, Geller quotes former City Councillor and UBC professor emeritus Dr. Setty Pendakur:

“If we classify any disagreement with development and densification as NIMBY, then we might as well forget about civilized conversation and serious and positive citizen participation.  I remember similar outcries in the mid-sixties and early seventies when we marched against city centre freeways.”

Well worth the read in full.