Petition Comments: A Sample

The number of signatures on the No Tower Coalition’s online petition is growing rapidly. If you haven’t signed on yet, we urge you to do so today.

Just as important as the signatures, and far more eloquent, are the comments left by signers outlining the reasons they are signing the petition.  Here are a sample:

 “A low rise option would suit the Drive much better…having a clear view of the mountains is the beauty of Vancouver as a city where tall buildings are concentrated in one area. The Drive as a community is a quirky place to live and a high rise doesn’t suit the neighbourhood.” — M-PB

“This is not what the neighbourhood needs. Besides being incredibly ugly, this type of development would alter/ruin the heritage low rise feel of The Drive. This is poorly thought through and a very bad idea.”  — KM

“While I support the Kettle and the good work it does, I do not believe that necessary public services such as this should be paid for by developers in return for lucrative up-zoning of their properties.” — LL

“I love my neighbourhood and while some change is inevitable, a 15-storey is ill-considered and would destroy the character of the community.” — SO

There are literally hundreds of others. Please spend a moment to read what the community is saying.