Genuine Community Participation

For the last two weeks, in blazing sun and, yesterday, in pouring rain, volunteers of the No Tower Coalition have been manning an information table at Grandview Park for three hours each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon.

NVT in the Park

At the table, we have collected hundreds of signatures for our Petition. But more importantly, we have talked to those hundreds of Grandview residents and many others. We have listened to their concerns about unwanted development in the neighbourhood, collected their ideas for alternatives to towers, and given them information about this high-rise project that so many had not heard of before.

As citizens keen on developing and enhancing this beautiful community we all call home, we believe strongly in openness and accountability – from us, from our elected representatives, and from developers and organizations that seek to radically alter our neighbourhood. Getting people information, encouraging them to talk one on one and in groups, with us and amongst themselves, as happens at our Grandview Park table, is key to genuine community participation in the future of Grandview and the Drive.

We’ll be back in the Park next week. Please stop by and chat