What The Community Says About The Boffo Tower

As most of you know, we have been collecting signatures on our petition opposing a large high-rise tower at Commercial & Venables.  We have well over 1,800 signees at this point.   Most have signed the paper petition that we circulate at meetings and our information tables; but more than 600 have signed online.

The online petition allows signees the opportunity to explain why they have signed. There are now hundreds of such comments, and we would encourage everyone interested in community opinion to read them. To ignore them is to ignore the voices of the neighbourhood.  Here is a selection of some recent comments:

“As an urban planner, and Grandview resident, I believe we need contextual densification. These tower proposals do not meet the needs nor desires of this community. ”

“A tower is an awful idea and will kill the soul of the drive.”

“This size of building is not what this neighborhood needs to increase density. It would be an eyesore.”

“This is NOT how one funds important social services.”

“This type of structure would completely change the character of the neighbourhood and does not provide for green space and other necessities that any development would require – to densify is one thing to sell out to developers in such a way that neighbourhoods are negatively impacted is a different thing all together.”

“I want to preserve the character of our neighbourhood. A tower would not fit with the structures here and if it’s not going to include affordable housing, it’s definitely inappropriate.”

“I live here and do not believe a massive 15 storey tower should change this residential area with condos. This will be the 1st for more to come. This area was ment for lower income people. That has already changed but this would be a disaster for Commercial Drive area.”

“Approval of the 15-storey Boffo tower at Venables / Adananc and Commercial Drive would act as the thin edge of the wedge, which would see ‘out of character to the neighbourhood’ towers become the new Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood development standard. Through our opposition let us ensure that won’t happen.”

“To see this tower and the cancer of condos spread my heart breaks. This is not right for our community, expand the Kettle with government funding, don’t let developers get their way!”


These are just a few of the hundreds of comments made by Grandview residents in opposition to the Boffo Tower and in favour of sustained funding for the Kettle from all levels of government.


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  1. Hi – I live on Venables between Commercial and Salisbury. While speaking with my landlord he mentioned that the city may be amending the zoning along East Venables to allow up to 8 story buildings. So it sounds like ‘the Tower’ is part of a larger plan to continue to ignore the desires of the community.

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