Lawn Sign Placement

The following letter was sent by the Coalition today:

August 14, 2015

Alan Rockett, Street Activities Branch — Engineering Services, City of Vancouver

Dear Alan,

Thank you for our positive conversation of today, regarding inappropriately placed signs for the NO TOWER Coalition.

We are making every effort to communicate to our supporters and ensure they comply with city regulations as you have outlined them. Today we sent the following message to our supporter list and are posting it to our web site.

“If you do have a lawn sign or are planning to put one up, please ensure that it is not placed on city boulevards (defined as the space between the sidewalk and the street) or on street centre medians, lamp posts, utility poles, street furniture or any other area of city property, including the centre of Boundary Road. Signs may be placed on private property, defined as the space between a house or apartment and the sidewalk.

 Bylaw infringement carries a possible charge of $100 – $300.   Today we spoke to city officials and assured them we will do everything we can to comply with the bylaw and will co-operate fully with the city in this regard.  

 The city has said they will return the confiscated signs to us, and they are grateful for our support and co-operation.

 Please help us comply with city regulations! If you observe any of our sign illegally or inappropriately placed, please let us know by posting a note, with the location, to and we will take immediate action.

 Thank you.

We also very much appreciate the fact that your inspector will inform us of any known violations, so we can take immediate action.

Yours truly,  NO TOWER Coalition