Month: September 2015

Another Fine Day In the Park

It was a beautiful early fall day yesterday, and the sunshine seemed to bring out the crowds to Grandview Park where the NO TOWER Coalition was holding its weekly information table.

As usual, the Coalition’s volunteers spoke with hundreds of local residents, collected an enormous number of signatures on the petition opposing the Boffo tower, and handed out a large number of NO TOWER signs, stickers and informative flyers.

After an already successful summer, there is every evidence that support for our open, transparent, and community-based campaign is continuing to build.

Onward Against the Tower!

Our petition against the tower has now grown well beyond 2,700 signatures.

After talking to scores of local residents and collecting a lot more signatures today at our information table at Grandview Park, it is pretty clear that we will exceed 3,000 in the next short while. That’s a lot of citizens’ voices and a lot of voters who will demand their say when the public hearing comes around if the developer decides to proceed against the community’s clearly stated aspirations for the neighbourhood we love so well.

We can hope that the developers and their allies  see the folly of their proposal and withdraw it. But until then, we continue to move forward.

Visit Us On Saturdays In the Park

As many of you will know, we have been setting up our information table in Grandview Park every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon for several weeks now.  Through contacts at those tables we have met and spoken with literally thousands of residents and visitors.

The campaign has gained immeasurably from these face-to-face discussions collecting nearly 2,000 signatures there alone, collecting ideas from folks that have advanced the campaign, and being encouraged by the responses we have received.

Just as importantly,we have helped develop a sharper appreciation of our neighbourhood and a fuller understanding of the issues surrounding densification, affordability, and building form.

We have no hesitation in contrasting our open and transparent community-based approach to the developer and their allies who have hunkered down in their offices, allowing high-priced PR agents to act for them.

Now that summer is drawing to a close, we have decided to concentrate on Saturdays in the Park for the next while. We will be in our usual spot in the Park on the Drive from 1:00pm to 5:00pm each Saturday (other than in torrential rain) until further notice.

Please come by and chat:  we love the interaction, the dialogue, and the community spirit that these conversations generate.

The NO TOWER Petition Keeps Growing

The number of people signing the NO TOWER Coalition petition keeps growing daily.

There are now more than 2,400 signatures across the paper and on-line versions, the vast majority of whom are residents of the neighbourhood.

We thank all of you who have already supported the cause.  If you haven’t yet signed, we urge you to do so and to leave a comment about why you agree this tower is not wanted on Commercial Drive.