Flying High!

As we approach the 3,000th signature on our NO TOWER petitions, we have also launched a new flyer which is being delivered door-to-door throughout the neighbouhood this week.





  1. I have not lived in Vancouver long enough to love it the way it was. All I know is that Vancouver is growing and changing faster than the locals seem to like. I don’t want to say Vancouver is an ugly duckling, but it sure as heck is trying to grow into something big and beautiful.

  2. This is at the end of the day only about property value, home owners see something like this as a threat to their homes value and will shut down a helpful group for mentally ill persons to do it if necessary. If ti comes to no tower no kettle group or tower and group which way do you think they will go?They have no problem telling other people who they can sell too but bring up affordability with this no tower group and they balk no no this has nothing to do with it. I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!
    the change in your tactics from the my first meeting up to this tweaked version shows you how there attempt to back pedal on this issue. My favorite was talking to a home owner who was also a land lord for our friends illegal suite which costs over1200 dollars a month for a crap low ceiling 600 squ foot unit. She was ranting about this tower project like Satan had plans to take a dump on commercial drive, but some how for two months couldn’t find the cash to repair a hole in the ceiling of there suite. Must be the loss of value from the shadow of an invisible tower.
    i live in a crap rental near commercial drive and have watch helplessly as friend after friend, couples etc all movie out of the city or in more and more cases. Out of Vancouver. The place we live in has been sold, the only reason we still live in it is because they cant get a variance, once that’s done were leaving Vancouver too. then its just baby boomer home owners and developers left to fight it out. good luck you will loose. The forces that make your home so much are the forces driving development…

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