Onward To 4,000!

This afternoon, at our regular information table in the sunshine at Grandview Park, we secured the 3,000th signature on the petition opposing the Boffo Tower.  Here is that very moment:

3000th signature

The gentleman, whose name we withhold for privacy reasons, said that he was signing because he “was concerned about the changes to the neighbourhood” that the tower would bring.  About 40% of the commenters on our online petition have said the same thing, and it is what we hear time after time at the info table.

3,000 signatures, 3,000 taxpayers, 3,000 voters expressing their opposition to the tower.  Will the developer and its allies listen?  Will City Council?  We can only hope that the clearly expressed views of this community count for something at City Hall.

And if 3,000 doesn’t do it, we are on our way to 4,000 now!