Quiet On Stage, Busy Back Stage

The NO TOWER campaign may seem to have entered a quiet period right now, but don’t be fooled by the surface calm; there is a lot going on beneath.

Our public information booth at Grandview Park has been missing this last couple of weeks, due to the onset of Vancouver’s famous rains. However, we keep an eye on the weather forecasts and try to pick our days.  We will be there on Monday 9th, for example, from noon until 4pm. Stop by and chat if you have a minute or two.

At the booth, we have spoken with literally thousands and thousands of residents and visitors. We would venture to suggest this exercise has been the most community-rich and community-involved campaign since the Freeway days. Most of the 3,200 signatures we now have on the petition have come from these personal contacts and conversations.

We are also in the process of completing delivery of our informative flyer to every household in Grandview. Without the money and the PR agencies that the developer has been using (in the absence of any other community outreach), this is a labour-intensive task for volunteers.  We hope to finish the delivery soon.

We are happy to report that the number of NO TOWER lawn signs continues to grow. Unfortunately, we also have to report that a number of our lawn signs continue to be vandalized and stolen throughout the neighbourhood, Several more were taken in just the last few days. It seems this childish behaviour is likely to continue for as long as we campaign.

If your sign goes missing, or if you want to order a lawn sign, please contact us at no.tower.lawn.sign@gmail.com and we will be glad to help.

This has also been the season for meetings. Members of the Coalition have already met with a number of City Councillors to make sure they are hearing the results of the conversations we are having with the community. Efforts are still being made to arrange a meeting with City Planners, though we have been rebuffed by them to date.

The Coalition is also in an extended dialogue with the Kettle regarding a meeting.  We hope to have that resolved soon.

Finally, the Coalition continues to develop a positive wing to the campaign, by exploring the possible alternatives for the Venables-Commercial-Adanac site that would allow the Kettle to expand and yet stop the imposition of an unwanted tower on the neighbourhood.   We refuse to believe the Kettle, the developers, or the Mayor when they say a highrise tower is the only way forward. Our researches into the literature and governmental regulations, and meetings with experts in related fields, have convinced us that there is a range of possible alternatives — and that a condo tower is simply a lazy profit-driven way out.

These ideas take time to develop and our meetings continue.  More to come.