Dispelling False Rumours

Over the last few days, at least three people have let us know that they cannot support our campaign because “lots” of low-income housing will be made available in the Boffo Tower. Other than the “up to 30” units for the Kettle’s mental health clients we were not aware of any such low-income housing being made available; and they are certainly not mentioned on the kettleboffo website. A message to the developer, Daniel Boffo, for clarification remains unanswered at this time.

However, the Kettle’s Director of Community Services was more forthcoming on Twitter last night, and he confirms that he knows of no low-income housing in the project other than the rooms set aside for Kettle clients.

So now we are clear: the Boffo Tower project will include 150-200 high-priced condos, “up to” 30 studio units for the Kettle, and no low-income housing.  What is less clear is how this rumour — which seems designed to gather support for the Tower — got started. Someone had to tell these people the inaccurate information; the mystery is who?