More Of What the Community Is Saying

Thousands and thousands of residents and visitors who love Commercial Drive and the neighbourhood vibe, have already signed our petition against the Boffo Tower and calling for a more community-friendly alternative.  If you haven’t signed yet, you can do so at Grandview Park next Friday afternoon or, perhaps more conveniently, online at our petition site.

One of the advantages of the online site is the ability for you to leave a comment, explaining why you personally think a tower is inappropriate for the Commercial & Venables intersection, and for our neighbourhood as a whole.  Here is a selection of recent comments:

— “Not only do I live in this neighbourhood but I have a business here as well. I have seen what development like this has done to other neighbourhoods and do not want this for mine. Commercial Driive is one of the few neighbourhoods left in this city where there is some diversity, but if this sort of development is allowed to go through unchecked we’ll just be Kits East soon.”

— “As a resident of this enjoyable neighbourhood for 28 years, I do not approve of this proposal to drastically change it by building this monstrosity. Please stick to the original community plan of four-storey zoning.”

— “A low rise option would suit the drive much better…having a clear view of the mountains is the beauty of Vancouver as a city where tall buildings are concentrated in one area. The Drive as a community is a quirky place to live and a high rise doesn’t suit the neighbourhood.”

— “This is a terrible, terrible idea and needs to be stopped. This entire area is already zoned for 4-story buildings and very few are presently that large. We have lots of room for densification without changing the zoning at all.”

These are just a few of the hundreds of comments left by residents.  The real question is: Why isn’t the developer (and its supporters) listening to what the community is saying?