The Spot Rezoning Moratorium Revisited

The Spot Rezoning Moratorium concept is a reminder that the campaign against the Boffo Tower is also part of a more general move toward community control of development within their own neighbourhoods — a movement fought tooth and nail by developers, speculators, and some at City Hall.

A Spot Rezoning Moratorium disallows lot rezoning for a set period of years after the implementation of a Community Plan. In other words, the social contract implied by an agreed Community Plan cannot be broken for a reasonably long period of time.  Several groups and individuals, including the Grandview Woodland Area Council (GWAC), Our Community, Our Plan (OCOP), and the NO TOWER Coalition pushed for the adoption by the Citizens’ Assembly (CA) of a Ten Year Spot Rezoning Moratorium. We were pleased to have obtained the endorsement of both of Grandview’s MLAs, Jenny Kwan and Shane Simpson, for this proposal.

Kwan Simpson Endorsement

One group, at least, within the Citizens’ Assembly took up the idea and pushed it forward.  However, the idea slipped through the bureaucratic cracks and never made it into the final report.

A Spot Rezoning Moratorium, or some other mechanism for achieving the same result, is the only guarantee that our Community Plan will actually be adhered to. Without it a developer could come with an application to the very next Council meeting after the adoption of the Plan, apply for and be granted a spot rezoning, thus entirely negating the years of “consultation” and negotiation that went into the Plan.

Expediency will win out.