Month: December 2015

Trying To Meet With The Kettle

For many months now, the NO TOWER Coalition has been trying to set up a meeting with the Kettle to air our concerns about the Tower. At first, they simply ignored us, refusing to acknowledge our request. However, under pressure from City Councilors they did finally agree to a meeting. Unfortunately, the conditions they attached for such a meeting were unworkable. The following is a copy of a letter we sent to the various City Councilors who had pushed for a meeting:

“As you know, for the past several weeks we have been trying to arrange a meeting with the Kettle to talk about potential non-tower options for the site at Venables & Commercial.

First, we wrote to the Kettle Board of  Directors requesting a meeting, and received no reply. Then, with the help of Councillors Meggs and Jang, we were finally in touch with Kettle Executive Director Nancy Keough and thought we were on track to organize a meeting for Monday, December 14th. Unfortunately, she imposed too many conditions on the meeting:

* Even though we reserved the Board Room at Britannia Community Centre so that we could meet in a neutral place, Nancy refused to meet there and insisted on meeting on their “turf”, a block away, at the Kettle.

* We intended to invite participation of our core NO TOWER Coalition members, probably seven or so people; Nancy stipulated that they would allow us to bring no more than three of our people.

* We had reserved the meeting room for two hours, in hopes that we would have an opportunity to discuss most of our key issues and concerns; Nancy said they were only willing to meet for a maximum of half an hour.

In the end, we said we would be available to meet with them in the Britannia Board Room at the appointed hour; Nancy replied that they would not be coming.

We regret that we have been unable to agree on meeting protocol. Perhaps there will be other opportunities in the new year.

Thanks for your help with this and your willingness to listen to and weigh both sides of this issue, one which is of major consequence to the citizens of Grandview.”

We can only hope that the Kettle and Boffo have a more cooperative attitude in the New Year and that a meeting can soon take place.