How You Can Help

Here are some ways in which you can help the campaign save the Drive that we love from huge towers that will forever change our beautiful neighbourhood.

  • Sign the online petition.  The more signatures the campaign has on the petition, the more influence the Coalition has when we talk with Council, planners, and the media.
  • Show your support by displaying a lawn sign! Send an e-mail to and we’ll get a sign to you right away.No lawn? If you have a window that can be seen, e-mail us for a free window sign.
  • Talk to your friends and neighbours. Make sure they are aware of what is being planned for that corner. Ask them to sign the online petition if they agree with your concerns.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor in support of a low-rise future for the Commercial and Venables intersection. These can generally be sent by email these days.
  • Send an email to the Mayor and City Councillors letting them know that huge towers are not acceptable on the Drive. (You could just copy these addresses as a block and paste them into the “to” field in your e-mail.)  Please cc so we know you’ve written! Thank you!,,,,,,,,,,

  • Add your voice to discussions, debates, and events by participating directly in the Coalition. Email us at and we’ll get you involved.
  • Donate a small amount. Campaigns like these always need a little cash for printing materials, sign manufacture, and the like. While Coalition resources are sparse, we are facing a very well-financed developer and its allies — who often work, it seems, with the City’s encouragement. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • We now have a PayPal account if that is easiest for you.  See the button on the righthand sidebar ——->
  • We accept cash and cheques at meetings and information booths, and cheques — made payable to No Tower Coalition — can be mailed to:  1760 Napier Street, Vancouver, V5L 2N2